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‘Tis the season… to be overworked December 3, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

Here it is December 3rd, and I’m slammed with work. I translated just under 13,000 this weekend, and the survey I’m currently working on is looking to be a similar word count – if not more (the client is estimating 25,000 words…). Hey, I’m not complaining. With the economy in the toilet, it’s a nice problem to have, and it pays those post-Christmas bills. I also know that I’m not alone. December is traditionally an incredibly busy time of year for me. Companies are trying to get business wrapped up before taking off for the holidays. Lots of German companies simply close up shop during the week between Christmas and the New Year, and try to cram everything they can into the weeks beforehand.

As a result, it’s a challenge to juggle the work with decorating, shopping, card sending, wrapping gifts, attending all those holiday concerts and parties, and everything else that needs to get done this time of year. Every year I manage to get it all done, but it’s never the peaceful, relaxed time I remember in Germany. Michelle at WordCount offers some great tips on how to celebrate the season and get everything done this time of year. Even though her target audience is freelance writers, her tips apply to freelancers everywhere – including translators!


1. Corinne McKay - December 4, 2008

You’re so right! I too have resolved not to complain about being overly employed; I even forced myself to smile broadly while translating every night of our Thanksgiving vacation. But it’s true, I think clients panic when they realize that they have to wrap it up for the year, and I can hardly remember a year that I haven’t been turning in a job while my husband’s loading the car for our annual Christmas ski trip. Here’s to prosperity!

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