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RIP Miguel Llorens September 28, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

Kevin Lossner just reported that Miguel Llorens died two weeks ago. I am completely shattered. I loved his rapier wit, which is summed up perfectly in the last thing he ever wrote on his blog (in a comment):

Yes, I suppose I am a conservative when it comes to the translation business if innovation implies doing really shitty work.

His response to Lionbridge Vice President Didier Helin, which was posted on the No Peanuts website, had me almost falling out of my chair. He was just brilliant.

Rest in peace, Miguel. I for one will dearly miss your blog posts and the gift you had in cutting through the bullshit of the MT industry. His Financial Translation Blog will live on until the domain expires and is worth reading. I for one would be more than willing to pay for the next year if any of his family members sees this post. His brilliance needs to live on even after his passing.

You will be missed.


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday September 26, 2012

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ATA conference mobile app – Part 2 (working with it) September 26, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in ATA.
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I downloaded the new mobile app to my smartphone yesterday afternoon and have been playing with it a bit since then. I thought I’d share my experience and first impressions.

The mobile app is easy to download and navigate. There are 3 easy steps to get started:

#1: Select your device and follow the instructions to install or view the app at the following:

– iPhone/iPad: Search the App Store for “ATA 2012”
– Android/Tablet: Search the Play Store “ATA 2012”
– Blackberry: Enter http://www.tripbuilder.com/bberry/ata2012 into your browser
– Mobile Web: Enter http://www.tripbuilder.mobi/ata2012 into your browser
– Computer/Laptop: Visit http://www.tripbuilder.com/ata2012apps

STEP #2: Log in using the username and password ATA sends you. My username and password were included in the announcement e-mail. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, you will be assigned a username and password when you register.

STEP #3: Set up your “MyProfile” to take part in the Attendee Network and Matchmaking* features:

– Click “MyProfile” on the main menu
– Click “Edit Profile” to enter your information
– Click “Save Profile” so you will appear in the Attendee Network and can be matched with other attendees

After I set up MyProfile I e-mailed my resume to resume@atanet.org (to be uploaded onto the app) and browsed through the sessions to compile my preliminary schedule. It easily interfaced with my Google Calendar app, so I have two ways to check where I need to be during the conference. I was able to schedule two or three sessions for the same time slot to allow some flexibility in case one of them is cancelled or disappoints.

The next step was assembling MyContacts. Only about 15 people had downloaded the app at that point, but I was able to select a couple folks I knew. I was also able to select MyContacts from the list of speakers. Since I tend to hang out with a bunch of overachieving speakers this took the most time 🙂

I also checked out the links to Facebook and Twitter. This may also be the push I need to see what LinkedIn is all about. I have a profile there, but I don’t utilize it as much as some other colleagues I know.

I’m really excited about the mobile app. It looks super easy to use, will eliminate lots of paper notes and will hopefully do a better job of organizing lunches, dinners and drinking sessions (both coffee and alcohol) with my friends and colleagues. And I had everything set up rather quickly instead of my usual habit of going through the final program in the hotel room before the Welcome Reception. Whoever came up with this idea definitely deserves lots of praise!

ATA conference mobile app September 25, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in ATA.

I talked about this in some detail during my webinar on September 11th, but it’s now officially out. The ATA 53rd Annual Conference Mobile App is now available for download from the various app stores. The mobile app is free and will allow attendees of the 53rd ATA Conference to upload their resumes, schedule your sessions, interact with fellow attendees, stay connected through social media during the conference, and much much more.

As ATA states:

Make the most of this year’s ATA Annual Conference! Get the free mobile app that puts the entire conference at your fingertips: browse the program, create a personal schedule, view handouts, receive program updates, contact colleagues, use an interactive Exhibit Hall map, view company websites, set up meetings, find places to eat, and SO much more.

Learn More by clicking: http://www.atanet.org/conf/2012/mobile.htm

I had to click on the arrow to view more selections (it was hit 3 out of 6 for ATA 2012), but I was able to download it from the Droid Play Store. Attendees will be sent a user name and password in the next few days. The app is only available to registered attendees of the ATA Conference next month in San Diego. I can’t wait to start using it.

Happy National Punctuation Day! September 24, 2012

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According to Chase’s Calendar of Events, the faux holiday celebrates “the lowly comma, correctly used quotation marks, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons, and the ever-mysterious ellipsis.”

Who is Peter Less? September 20, 2012

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Photo from the AIIC website

Just in case some of you aren’t familiar with his story I thought I’d share it.

Peter Less was an interpreter at the Nuremberg trials after WWII. He fled Germany at the age of 17 in 1938 and moved to Switzerland, but his family refused to follow. They all perished in Auschwitz during the war – his mother, father, sister, and grandmother. Less was trained at the Geneva School of Conference Interpretation and was chosen as one of the 30-40 interpreters at the trials. He was one of the interpreters at the major war criminals’ trial, that of Hermann Goering, Rudolph Hess, Hans Frank, Ernst Kaltenbrunner and others. When asked in an interview by interpreter Tanya Gesse in 2005 how he could sit in the same room with the men responsible for death of his family, Less said, “It wasn’t easy. You were sitting in the same room with the people who probably killed your parents, but you could not let your feelings interfere with your job. You swore to interpret as faithfully as possible, to put the speaker’s idea into the listener’s head. So we did.” The embodiment of neutrality. I don’t know if I could maintain that level of neutrality. Less moved to Chicago in 1946, where he practiced family law for over 50 years.

His story as told to Tanya Gesse on the AICC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) website is a fascinating one. The article first appeared in the ATA Chronicle (American Translators Association), September 2004, Volume XXXIII Number 9. I highly recommend reading it.

As I said before, he is in hospice care, and an album is now being assembled for Peter to deliver to him—containing any letters, words of gratitude, and even a simple “thank you.” Learn how you can send him your message at the following link: http://www.natalykelly.com/#!peter/chzx

Time to honor one of our own September 19, 2012

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This is an enormously important message to the translation and interpreting community from Nataly Kelly. Peter Less, whose entire family was murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz and who went on to interpret for the Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials back before interpreting had ever been done before on such a massive scale, is 91 and now at the end of his long and illustrious life. He truly was one of the forerunners of our industry. He was honored by the American Translators Association some years back and attended the conference the very next year on his own simply to present a session on his experiences. I had the honor of escorting him to one of the events he was attending, leading him on my arm and struggling not to start crying simply due to the overwhelming honor of being in his presence. His health has been in decline over the past few months, and he has now entered hospice care. Please send this extraordinary man a message of thanks, as per Nataly’s beautiful appeal at http://www.natalykelly.com/#!peter/chzx

May God be with you, Mr. Less.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday September 19, 2012

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Musings from a hospital bed September 15, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

Well, not really. I was released yesterday afternoon. I had my appendix out on Thursday. I was in pain from 1 a.m. on Wednesday night, so I called my mother in the morning and she came over and took me to the emergency room at the hospital 0.2 miles from my house. No matter how old you are, when you get sick you still want your mommy there. I told the admitting clerk that I thought it was appendicitis, but the ER doctor thought it was kidney stones. He should know better than to second-guess a medical translator :-).

It was really cool hearing all the jargon I translate every day being used in real life and freaking out the staff by responding with professional jargon to their questions about pain. The surgical resident got a kick out of my responding “no pain on percussion” when he asked if I could feel pain while tapping on my back. The nurse blew several veins trying to draw my blood. I had central lines in both hands. I am sporting some nice hematomas. I got wheeled on a gurney for a CT, which (along with the blood tests showing elevated white count and no blood in my urine) revealed an enlarged and inflamed appendix.

I was wheeled into the operating room at 5 p.m. and – after being prepped for laparoscopic surgery – woke up in recovery at around 7:45 or so. I spent the night in the hospital (luckily in my own room so I was able to sleep more than I did the night before at home) and was released yesterday afternoon. It was my first overnight stay in a hospital, and it wasn’t that bad. I spent the night at my parents’ house last night and am happy to be home.

I was very, very grateful for my smartphone (even if did take a visit to the ER to figure out the outgoing server settings for my e-mail weren’t correct), because I was able to respond immediately to my clients’ e-mails. I was able to use the hospital guest WiFi the entire time. I turned down several job requests and notified one client that they should find someone else to translate the website I had accepted on Wednesday that is due next Tuesday. My clients deserve more attention to detail than I can give them right now. I will be recovering for the next few days, but have already stopped taking my prescribed pain meds because the pain is manageable.

But I am very glad I decided several months ago not to attend the BDÜ conference this year. I would have been flying to Germany right about now and would have lost lots of money on non-refundable pain tickets and hotel costs. I hope you all enjoy it without me. Wish I could be there instead of hobbling around my apartment.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday September 12, 2012

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