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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday November 27, 2013

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For the first time in recorded history Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are on the day. This won’t happen for another 70,000 years. Happy Thanksgivukkah tomorrow, everyone!


This just in: thebigword pays out big bonus of over £1.5m to one of its directors November 21, 2013

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“With its global headquarters in Leeds, thebigword interprets two million minutes of speech and translates 35 million words every month. With 2,500 clients speaking 234 languages across 77 countries, the family-owned business has more than 8,000 freelance linguists and uses automated technology to co-ordinate its global operation.”

This “unnamed highest paid director who took home a total of £1.99m during the year” and is getting an additional “discretionary bonus of £1.68m” should be proud of the work the company has done… oh wait, none of the 8000 translators or interpreters – who do the ACTUAL WORK – are seeing any of that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got another e-mail asking for yet another 15% pay cut. You know, because the company is hurting so much in this economy. You know they certainly won’t be RAISING rates since it seems they are now doing so well.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday November 20, 2013

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday November 13, 2013

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Note from the Conference November 8, 2013

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Quote of the day: There are three kinds of translators: perfectionists, imperfectionists and transperfectionists.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday November 6, 2013

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Ramping up for the ATA Conference November 5, 2013

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I am flying out to San Antonio tomorrow for the 54th Annual ATA Conference. After a bit of a snafu with my cat sitters (they just got a cat, and the two cats instantly disliked each other, necessitating an emergency trip back to my house tonight), Plan B is lined up to pick up my house keys tomorrow early enough to ensure I am up and get out to vote before I have to head out to the airport.

I’ve booked an airport shuttle (GoShuttle.com) to transport me between the airport and hotel and the boarding passes are printed out. My flight details are stored, my updated resume and profile are uploaded to my profile on the conference mobile app, and my presentation is printed out. Trados Studio is now installed on my laptop so that I can finish a translation for a client. My clothes are stacked and ready to be thrown into the suitcase tomorrow morning (the dog gets bent out of shape if I take the suitcase out the night before). Why is it that I try to do a ton of things the day before I leave for a trip? Human nature I guess.

I am bummed that all of my divisions (3!) are holding their division dinners from 7-9 on Thursday night. I chose to go with the German Language Division, but hope the Medical Division and Language Technology Divisions have successful dinners as well.

I have some meals planned with my newbie as well as with some fellow translators, so that is something to look forwards to. I look forward to seeing many of you there. If you see me in the hallway in San Antonio please say hi!