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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday March 26, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff.
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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday March 19, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff.


TGIF: What Language Sounds Like to Foreigners March 14, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff, TGIF.

Aka “Girl Speaks Gibberish With Perfect Accents To Show What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners.” I don’t know if I’m more impressed with her grasp of languages and accents or with the gibberish she managed to come up with.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday March 12, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff.
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Online licensing woes March 8, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Tech tips, Tools.

Oh, woe is me. I have once again had a fatal error on my hard drive and lost a SDL Trados license. The first time my hard drive died and I couldn’t return the license, but Paul Filkin, SDL’s awesome online go-to guru, was able to free up another license for me.

This time I kept getting a Blue Screen of Death within a minute of booting up. My computer tech had the computer for two weeks and was unable to replicate the error in their office, so I was able to return the license. A month later during the Windows Upgrade the problem returned. I tried to return the license in Safe Mode with Networking (by trying to return the license and then deactivating it offline), but their system wanted nothing to do with that. I tweeted the SDL folks, but did not receive a response. I didn’t want to bother Paul again. I figure once is ok, but twice is pushing it.

At the moment I am reformatting the computer and hoping the problem does not happen again. In the meantime I have Studio 2011 and Trados 2009 on my laptop and will migrate on the desktop to MemoQ, which does not rely on online licensing and can process Studio files. I may or may not upgrade to Studio 2014. What are your opinions of the new version of Studio? Is it worth upgrading? Inquiring minds want to know.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday March 5, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff.