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Das hat mir gerade noch gefehlt… June 11, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

I just read on Wired Top Stories (through iGoogle) that my ISP, Time Warner Cable, is discontinuing access to Usenet due to the New York Attorney General’s blacklist-based initiative to quell undesirable Internet content (i.e., child pornography).

According to a report by Declan McCullagh, Sprint will be blocking the entire alt. hierarchy of Usenet, while good old Time Warner Cable has no time for such fussiness and will just stop offering all Usenet access.

I’m obviously not interested in child pornography, but I do use Usenet to download music sometimes. This is just downright censorship for censorship’s sake. Talk about painting all Usenet users with one brush. I’ve been using Usenet since 1995. It was one of my core tools when I worked as an Internet researcher in Germany. Just because some sicko misuses Usenet doesn’t mean everyone should suffer. What’s next? Discontinuing phone service because some people call 1-900 numbers?

Can anyone recommend a good ISP?



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