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An ode to Coffeemate Italian Sweet Crème creamer June 23, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

Let me start off by saying that I never drank coffee until grad school. When I lived in Salzburg and backpacked through Europe in 1989-1990 I rated the cafes based on their hot chocolates. I’m still a hot chocolate fan and recommend trying Schokinag’s hot chocolates for true European-style chocolates (not the American powder-in-a-pouch crap).

I’ve developed my love of coffee slowly. I imported some flavored coffees (primarily Ghirardelli) when I lived in Germany from 1995-2001 and really miss Borders’ Holiday Traditions coffee. That said, I may be a coffee snob (I now only buy high quality coffee and have Jacobs Krönung and illy on hand at the moment), but I like a little cream and sugar in my coffee and tea. It makes it a decadent treat. I don’t drink coffee by the pot. I drink a cup or so a day and savor it.

I know a lot of people prefer their coffee black, but if you don’t you might want to check Coffeemate creamers out. The Coffeemate products are very creamy, and the taste is strong enough that you can taste it over the flavor of the coffee. It enhances the flavor rather than covers it. That said, everyone has different tastes, and I’ve found some of the flavors to be quite nasty (I had to pour the Gingerbread creamer down the drain).

I am addicted to Coffeemate Coconut Crème liquid creamer in my coffee, but I just wanted to declare my love for Coffeemate Italian Sweet Crème creamer. It is the perfect addition to a cup of tea because there is no “added flavor” to it, and I don’t need to add any sugar (or in my case Splenda) at all. It just tastes like cream, without being cream (which is extremely welcome when you are allergic to milk products). I’m drinking a big Starbucks San Francisco mug of English Breakfast tea right now and felt the urge to share my joy with the world.

And for a little humor today: check this blog post out. The comments really made me chuckle out loud, and I think I’m going to have to try the Chai Spice creamer based on this recommendation alone.



1. Donna Lussier - July 2, 2010

I have to agree about the Italian Sweet Creme, although I haven’t used it in tea as yet, but in coffee it is heaven in a cup.

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