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Working under a deadline July 18, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings, Translation Sites.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently translating an 8,000 word computer game on horoscopes and love signs (the compatibility between the different signs of the Zodiac). I’m splitting the job with another unknown translator, who got “stuck” with the personalities of the various signs. I am translating the various pairings of the signs (Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Leo, etc.). This is actually quite fun, because I used to be really into Linda Goodman’s Love Signs when I was in high school and college and still believe the concept does have some merit (In fact, I have the book sitting next to me, open to whatever pairing I am working on at the time so I can double-check the signs’ traits and mine it for terminology). Being a Virgo (actually, a double Virgo with my sun and moon both in Virgo) I definitely get along better with Earth and Water signs. And in the spirit of horoscopes and all things mystical, I just wanted to share today’s iGoogle Daily Horoscope for Virgo with you:

It’s hard to be creative when you are on a tight schedule, but having limited time now can actually work in your favor. Rather than being all dreamy and unfocused, your efficiency is heightened when you must produce under pressure. Paradoxically, you needn’t take it all so seriously; being able to enjoy yourself will help you be even more expressive.

Considering I translated 4,000 words yesterday and have about 2,500 to go before I’m done later today, I find today’s horoscope to be quite fitting. I find I work better under pressure. I recently finished a job on quality management (13 files, 7,500 words total) for a German hospital that took me a month and a half to finish because the client told me there was “no hurry” and his client was pretty relaxed. I kept putting the files off to accept jobs from other clients because I wasn’t under any time pressure, but they gnawed at my conscience. In the end, everyone was happy with the results and they didn’t mind that it took so long, but I did. I was just glad to finally cross the job off my job board.



1. Sabela Cal - July 18, 2008

Coincidentally, I´m about to start working on a job that sounds very similar, if not the same (English to Spanish in my case). Hopefully I´ll be as productive as you!

Thanks for your daily musings and have a nice relaxing weekend.

2. jillsommer - July 18, 2008

Hi Sabela, I bet it’s the same text. I generally translate the text from German into English for it to be translated into other languages. I think you’ll enjoy it.

3. Achim Koenig - July 13, 2012

I am a double virgo, August 30. I translated 32.500 words from French to English within 52 hours, from a Sunday morning until Tuesday noon and then was so burned out I couldn’t translate for 11 weeks. Then the same woman asked me if I wanted to write articles for her website in English. I said yes but then didn’t do it I’m not assertive and don’t talk to her anymore. I didn’t do it I think because I’m such a perfectionist and the idea of perfectly writing loads of articles in English is too much. Plus I kept on putting it off because there was no deadline. People get the first impression of me that I can do anything and everything, then I disappoint them, because I prefer doing my own thing. I speak 8 languages and now I want to learn Bulgarian because I registered my car in Bulgaria, so I might as well learn the language, get the drift? I mean I start learning a new language at the drop of a hat.

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