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New York Times: Secrets to good hard-drive hygiene September 17, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Business practices.

I wrote about backup systems several days ago. While cleaning off my hard drive just now I stumbled on this New York Times article on consumer backup software, Secrets to Good Hard-Drive Hygiene, that I thought did a good job of illustrating the importance of backing up files and the various options available for backing up your data. It is from July 2005, but it is still relevant today. Corinne McKay also wrote a really good post, Methods for backing up your computer data, the same day I did before reading my post in her feed reader, which just goes to prove that brilliant minds think alike. 🙂

I looked into several of the suggestions made in the comments to Watch your back – what is YOUR back-up system and have decided to try Syncplicity. It seems like a trustworthy back-up system, and the idea of easily transferring files to a laptop appeals to me. I will test it in a few hours when I transfer files from my computer to my laptop in preparation for heading to my sister’s to babysit my niece on Thursday, who finally gets her half-body cast off on Friday. I transferred my files when I babysat her two weeks ago by burning them to a CD-RW and copying them to the laptop, but it helps to remember to bring the laptop’s power cord with you when you are going to work somewhere off-site… I had to use my brother-in-law’s laptop to finish and deliver my files. And I learned to hate Vista and Office 2007.


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