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Confessions from an Internet junkie October 1, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

My name is Jill, and I’m an Internet addict.

I’ve been without Internet access since 7 PM last night (it’s shortly after noon as I write this). My ISP sent out a technician first thing this morning. He switched out my cable modem, the splitter both inside and outside my apartment, and the cable itself. After he left I was unable to access the Internet, but it took about an hour to work through all the other issues on the phone with Tech Support before I was finally able to get back online. It turns out the new cable modem caused my router to revolt, and this locked me in “quarantine.” The ISP page in the browser told me I needed to activate my service, but I’ve been a customer for five years now. Turns out my router needed to be rebooted for me to get online. But, hey, Skype still worked just fine the whole time, because Corinne tried to call me about our ATA presentation in the middle of all that.

Luckily I didn’t have any jobs due or anything to work on, because I had taken yesterday off to compensate for working over the weekend. I was fine about not having Internet last night (I caught up on some downloaded TV shows and read a book), but I was going through some serious withdrawal symptoms by this morning (or maybe it was just frustration at Tech Support’s complete ineptitude – it took until Level 3 to figure out the problem):

  • Feeling of jumpiness or nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability or easily excited
  • Emotional volatility, rapid emotional changes
  • Depression
  • Difficulty with thinking clearly
  • Clammy skin

Wow, this isn’t a good feeling. I think I need to wean myself off the Internet a bit. It isn’t healthy. According to the site linked about, “Due to the nature of Internet Addiction Disorder (failed impulse control without involving an intoxicant), of all other addictions, IAD is said to be closest to pathological gambling.” Luckily my addiction doesn’t cost me a lot of money and hasn’t disrupted my “academic, social, financial, and occupational life the same way other well-documented addictions like pathological gambling, eating disorders, and alcoholism can.” In fact, the opposite is true. I truly feel the Internet benefits me in a wide variety of ways, but weaning myself off it a bit certainly isn’t a bad idea…

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that I’m not alone.



1. MT - October 1, 2008

When disaster strikes, we rely on our old dialup account (which we still have just for such emergencies). It’s cheap, and we actually do our e-mail accounts with the dialup service, thereby allowing us to switch broadband providers more easily when there are good deals.

Yes, I suppose we’re addicts, too, but we haven’t admitted to ourselves we have a problem yet. 🙂

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