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No politics here October 12, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

Well, I have officially voted in this year’s election. I will be in Orlando getting ready for the ATA conference on Election Day, so I voted by absentee ballot. I have purposely kept any and all political views out of this blog for a variety of reasons. First of all, this is a blog for the translation industry. Politics have no place here. As translators and interpreters we should strive to remain neutral when we translate or interpret, and I have a similar view on blogging for the T&I industry. Secondly, we get bombarded enough with political ads and rhetoric out there in the real world and elsewhere online. I don’t need to add to that here. And last but not least, no one is going to change how I feel about a politician or issue, so I would never try to should shove my views down your throats either. That said, I believe very strongly in the importance of this election, so no matter who you are voting for, just be sure you get out and vote! If you need help deciding on who to vote for and see the issues explained impartially, I recommend checking out Project Vote Smart and The League of Women Voters web sites. I also found the Cleveland.com’s Voter Guide very helpful, particularly when deciding which judges I should elect.


1. Benny Lewis - October 12, 2008

I am so sick of most of my RSS feeds turning to politics (even though I never have or ever would subscribe to a US politics blog). Instead of starting a new blog to rant about how great they think their politician is and how bad the opposition is, they annoy people who don’t care on their travel-tips / technology / language etc. blog and lose valuable readers!! They seem to forget that a LOT of the Internet is not based in the states and so they are wasting their breath anyway. I’m glad to see you aren’t making that mistake!! Good for you 🙂

2. jillsommer - October 12, 2008

You mean the world doesn’t revolve around the States? Are you sure? 😉 That is a very good point. I am well aware that I have a lot of overseas readers, so that should definitely be point number four.

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