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Transit NXT was released yesterday November 21, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Tools.

One of the busier listservs I belong to is discussing the new version of Transit, Transit NXT, which was released this week. I got a chance to see a demo of it at the ATA conference and was quite impressed with it. I like Transit because it strips all the formatting from the actual translation, and you as the translator don’t have to deal with it.

The Transit tool offers a lot of configurable options, so that is why they don’t advertise the price anywhere. This allows you to pick and choose the features you need and disregard those you don’t (like the project management tool, which isn’t useful for a freelance translator who works with only one or two language pairs).

One thing I haven’t liked with previous versions of Transit is that the windows tended to overlay on top of one another and weren’t all visible. They seem to have fixed this problem with “Bubble windows,” which are dynamic windows that appear when you need them and disappear when you don’t. The fuzzy window disappears when you don’t need it and other information, such as similarity to the source text, segment status, words that appear in the dictionary, etc., is also visible at a glance. No one outside Star Group has had a chance to really become familiar with it yet, so we need to allow a week or two for translators to become familiar with it and then the real info will start trickling out.

The consensus among my fellow translators is that people are getting increasingly frustrated with SDL Trados’ support (or lack thereof) and its rigid thinking. The biggest complaint I hear is that support isn’t responsive to translators’ questions. Most questions are more effectively answered in translator forums such as tw_users. The second biggest is that they are too focused on the agencies and not enough on the needs of the translator.

I’d love to hear what you guys think of Star Transit and Trados. Fire away!



1. sarah - November 21, 2008

SDL’s support to agencies isn’t too fabulous either!

2. johan thorén - November 24, 2008

I really like Transit, but since I became a freelancer I’ve only used the Satellite version and I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with it, so I glad to hear that something new is on it’s way.

I tried buying the full version of Transit a couple years ago, but couldn’t even get a price quote from the swedish representative and I had to more or less force them to send me information. I’ve searched for the price of NXT on the site and on proz.com, but they are just as secretive as always. Strange strategy, IMHO.


3. Vladimir Suda - December 8, 2008

NXT beats Trados hands down. (1) Used Transit where Trados failed because of perhaps some glitch in Word formatting which made translating both in doc and in ttx impossible; Transit only just worked as usual; (2) Transit enables using any number of reference materials,. not just one TM and one reference TM.
The new features are really innovative. I love dual fuzzy and dual concordance. Yes the positioning of the windows has been fixed, not only they no longer bother you and overlay anything, but you can shift and anchor(!) them anywhere on the first screen or even a second screen. Support works all the time (in CZ)..

christian landais - May 9, 2012

Hi you guys
I agree with all what was said above about Trados and eventually Next. Please download kilgray MemoQ and see what those Hungarians souls have done for ytranslators in the past 4 years. Awesome

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