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Scam alert: yet another Nigerian scam targeting translators June 15, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Business practices, Scam alert.

According to the Sun Herald of Biloxi-Gulfport and South Mississippi, there is a new Nigerian scam targeting Hispanic translators in which con artists are promising to send people money in return for jobs that don’t exist. The jobs are being posted on Craigslist and Monster.com, so they just aren’t a local problem. The job ad requires the job seekers to send their resumé with their addresses and date of birth, previous place of employment and all their other personal information, including their social security numbers. The job seekers are then eventually contacted and sent large checks without having done any actual work. Once they receive the checks, they are then told the checks were made out for too much money and that the victims should immediately return the overpayment in a wire transfer to another address (if you’ve been paying attention you know that this is a common scam method and these checks are bogus). In short, the only time our clients ask us for all the detailed personal information is if you need to for a background check with the government, and those agencies should be easy to look up online. Never accept money ahead of time if you haven’t done any actual work – unless you yourself make it a stipulation for the job (like when you translate personal documents for an unknown individual). If you use your head and a little common sense you will not fall prey to these scams.



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