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Scam alert: Somya Translators June 16, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Business practices, Scam alert.

If you receive an e-mail with a signature for Ajoy Singh at Somya Translators (e-mail: somyatranslation@yahoo.com, phone: +91-11-22484180, cell : + 91-9990094796, fax : +91-11-22484180) with a job request, do not fall for it. It is apparently a scam. According to Tina Mittra, a project manager of Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi, India, the company has been receiving invoices and e-mail for work which the company had not assigned. Apparently someone is using the e-mail somyatranslation@yahoo.com and assigning work under Somya Translators’ name and company details. If you receive a job request from the yahoo.com account, do not accept it. As Tina states, “We only use our internal company accounts like sales@somyatrans.com etc. for all the business activities. We never use yahoo, gmail, rediff or any other public accounts for business activities. We welcome suggestions from all of you how we can catch this kind of people.”

Several people on the ProZ.com forums and some of the payment practices lists I subscribe to have been complaining about Somya Translators for a while now. This explains a lot. All we can do on our end is ignore the job request. Hopefully they are able to take legal action on their end.

For more information, please read the ProZ.com forum thread. This only underscores my insistence that no one ever do business with a yahoo.com account!



1. Translator - June 19, 2009

Actually, those practices seem to go on. Recently I found a job posting on translatorscafe. The job posting was official and mentioned an official mailbox. See http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/SelectedJob.asp?Job=59085&Jobs=59087%2059086%2059085%2059075%2059074%2059067%2059057%2059054%2059052

Since the rate is ridiculous, I answered with a short information about professional translation rates per word.

I used the direct contact button on the platform – and got an answer from tele_solutions12@yahoo.com.

Since I do not believe that the agency would ignore a false account under their name, the forwarder must have been officially typed in in their portfolio.

As an agency you can pretend not to know about yahoo mailboxes and not to know “who these people are”, but definitely you can try to catch some newbies with these practices.

Never accept offers from a yahoo mailbox and forward the yahoo answer to the official mailbox, ask them for their statement. How did the person with the yahoo mailbox get an answer email, if it was sent to the official agency via translatorscafe? I am sure an agency can earn some additional money regularly on newbies falling for this.

2. Amit Bahuguna - March 19, 2014

Thanks for your information. It would be very useful for the customers who wants to translate their documents from you.

Thanks Again Mr. Ajoy.


3. nehal - November 15, 2016

it doesn’t matter to be described as scammer, they don’t pay their translators.

4. Anomus - May 1, 2017

Your company is fraud company.. They give work and at time of payment they will say its wrong. Google Translator used. Whereas while sample checking they will say quality is nice..

Never work with this fraud company.. Filed a case against them in consumer court

Anushka - May 19, 2017

No, I am not agree on this. I am working since long with the organisations and they people are very particular on their working terms and payments. So folks there is no need to believe all this stuff and I am sure many more linguists are agree with me on this that they get the payments for their quality work.

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