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Word of warning to blogging translators July 22, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings, Scam alert.

Serena Dorey from Marketing Translation just posted the following on Twitter: “Blogging translators : be aware that this site  [site link deleted] is republishing blog posts in full without the blogger’s permission.” NEVER MIND! DO NOT GO THERE! Thanks to two eagle-eyed readers who noticed their computers became infected with a computer virus. I am so sorry for posting the link here and infecting some of you.

The site is only two days old, but there are already 63 stolen articles posted there without the author’s permission. I did a look-up on Whois.net (http://www.whois.net/whois/masyarakatpenerjemahmalang.com) and discovered that the site has been registered through a privacy protection company called Privacy Protect. Privacy Protect tells me they are not the host. The host is IIXMedia (iixmedia.com).

Contact: +62.2130314615
Website: http://iixmedia.co.id

If anyone else can make any suggestions on how to shut this site down, please let Serena (@serenadorey) or me know.



1. Jody Byrne - July 23, 2009

Hi there,
Just tried to look at this site and my antivirus software said it contains a virus called “Iframe-inf” so I never got to see the content. If you didn’t get a message like this you might want to check your computer and antivirus software. Don’t suppose you saw anything from my site there?

2. inkamaria - July 23, 2009

Wow! I tried to check this site up and got a major virus on my PC! So I don’t know if this is on purpose or mere coincidence!

3. inkamaria - July 24, 2009

BTW, the site got banned previously by a provider in Thailand. The virus might be the reason…

4. Serena Dorey - July 24, 2009

I was unaware that this site contained a virus until checking my antivirus software, which had killed it without notifying me. I’m sorry if this led to anyone’s PC being infected, that was never my intention. I have filed two abuse complaints with the hosting company – one for breaching copyright and one for containing a virus.

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