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Trying to decide about the 51st ATA conference February 16, 2010

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in ATA, Random musings.

Hi everyone,

Maybe some of you can help me decide what to do about the 51st ATA conference. I toyed with the idea of sitting this one out (mainly because I would like to enjoy ONE Halloween with my nieces before they are too old to trick or treat), but knowing how much I enjoy them and how beneficial they are I am most likely going to attend this year in Denver. I am now trying to decide whether I should present and whether I should submit a proposal for a preconference seminar or one-hour session and what I should present on. Most of you regular readers are familiar with the things I am passionate about – including getting started as a freelance translator, proper formatting in Word, word counts, PDFs and OCR, Internet privacy, ergonomics and work-life balance. Many of you have probably attended one or more of my sessions over the past 8 years. So I ask you, dear readers, what would you like to see me present? Would you like Corinne and I to present our preconference seminar on How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator again? Would you like a preconference seminar on PDFs and OCR? Would you like me to present an hour session on how to set tabs and format documents in Word to look like the source text? Do you have another idea I haven’t even considered? I would love to hear from all of you in the comments. The deadline is March 8th, so I need to make a decision soon. Thanks for your help!



1. Nic loves languages - February 16, 2010

Hi Jill, I’ve never seen any of those before as I’m just getting into freelance translation this year. All look thoroughly interesting to me. I’ll be in Germany in October so for me it’s inconsequential anyway.
I’ve been having Word vs pdf issues, ocr and word count problems within just the last week too, most of which I’ve written about on my blog.
Nic at crosslingo

2. Melissa Field - February 16, 2010

Hmm, I’d love a session on PDFs & OCR, even as a preconf. seminar. Another idea for you would be organization: incoming/outgoing projects, scheduling (manual vs. electronic), invoicing, TM and glossary management… or is that all too much?

3. Tess - February 17, 2010

I would also love a session about organization of projects or accounting for translators.

4. jillsommer - February 17, 2010

Organization might be a bit too over my head/outside my field of expertise. Sure, I’m organized, but everyone has their own systems that work for them. Provided they get approved, I might be presenting a preconference seminar with Tuomas on PDFs and OCR and co-presenting a (panel?) session with Michael Wahlster on Ethics and Confidentiality in the Translation Industry.

5. Judy Jenner - February 18, 2010

It wouldn’t be the same without you, my dear, but I understand your dilemma. I really liked your word count presentation from a few years ago, and anything OCR is good. Document formatting — maybe “Tips and Tricks in Word” or something like that would be fantastic, too!

And for those getting started in the profession, I am sure they’d love to see your popular pre-conference seminar again as well.

I’ve submitted proposals for both pre-conference and one-hour. Hope to see you in Denver!

6. Judith - February 18, 2010

Hi there Jill,
I found your blog when I googled German translator in Ohio. I am Judith and live in Hudson. We moved here from Bremen, Germany – I am Dutch originally. The Ravenna office was giving me a hard time when I tried to get my driver’s license yesterday. I now need a certified copy I guess – can you help me?!? [contact info edited] Thanks!

7. Translation Agency - March 9, 2010

Hello Jill. It will be very useful to attend the ATA’s conference know?

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