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Tomorrow’s International Translation Day September 29, 2010

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Translation.

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30th – on the feast day of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is considered as the patron saint of translators. This year there is apparently a big ProZ.com virtual conference going on. Has anyone attended and can vouch that it is a good thing? Since it’s a ProZ thing I’m not all that inclined to participate. But I do have an open mind and would love to hear others’ opinions on it.

Instead I will be translating and hopefully taking some time off to read a good book on the couch. With the weather cooling down it is starting to be my favorite time of year – Fall – when there is nothing I enjoy more than cuddling on the couch with a mug of chai and a good book. This year I have a cat to cuddle on me. She got spayed on Monday and is feeling extra-clingy. Should be a good day. Happy International Translation Day tomorrow, everyone!



1. Barbara Dylla - September 29, 2010

Hi Jill,

I haven’t attended a ProZ.com conference yet, but a friend of mine is signed up for it. I’ll try to remember to let you know what her feedback is.

Unfortunately (yet fortunately), I’m busy with translation work like never before! So I really envy your taking time off to cuddle a good book on the couch. Fall is my favourite time of the year too, the colours of the trees here are just amazing!


2. Fabio - September 29, 2010

Hi Jill,

I attended the 2009 virtual conference, and I can vouch that it was very interesting – although I had to leave after some 4 hours because I had to go celebrate a friend’s birthday. I registered again this year, and from what I can see in the program, it will be much better that last year – but I still have to go to my good friend’s birthday party. 🙂 I am also loaded with work, but the beauty of freelancing is that I can work some extra time tonight and extra hard tomorrow morning in order to be able to attend the conference from noon on.

I have at least one very convincing reason to attend this year: 50%-discounts on Trados and memoQ and other great discounts on other tools – only for attendees! Also, there is a contest attached to the conference, and the prizes are copies of books on translation – including Corinne’s, the Jenners’ and my own book.

So, yes, I recommend attending, and if you don’t like it just close the browser window and do whatever you originally wanted to do. 🙂

3. Alex Eames - October 1, 2010

Hi Jill.

I “went” to the ProZ conference yesterday and found it quite enjoyable. Fun – even 🙂

Quite different from a “normal” conference, but a very good price. 😉

I just did a mini review here in my blog…

4. Eleonora - October 1, 2010

Hi Jill,

I participated in the Proz conference last year and yesterday too.
I think it’s a nice event and that this year it was better organized than past year’s edition.
I was able to attend some live presentations and to visit translation agencies booths.
Next year, if you have time, I suggest you to drop by: maybe you can find something interesting or simply enjoy the virtual environment!

Eleonora from Italy.

5. Tess - October 1, 2010

Too bad I did not see this post until today. This is my second year attending and first year presenting. I think ProZ has done a great job arranging a virtual conference that is truly international. You can do everything you do at a real conference, only from home at your computer. I visited exhibitors, chatted with colleagues, attended seminars etc. There are many ProZ members that are professional translators, working for decent prices and I learned that 95% of the jobs on ProZ come from being contacted directly from your profile, not from the job board (where the fees can be low). Try it next time and see what you think.

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