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What complimentary copy of SDL Trados Studio 2009? January 19, 2011

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Tools.

I received the following e-mail this morning:

In August 2010, we gave you a complimentary copy of SDL Trados Studio 2009 Starter Edition for 6 months (valid until 31/01/2011).

We thought this would be a great opportunity for you to start working on SDL Trados Studio 2009 projects and give you an insight into the new revolutionary translation environment.

As your complimentary copy is due to expire, we’d like to remind you of the different options available to enable you to continue working with SDL Trados Studio:

Uh, what? Really? That’s news to me!

I am still working with Trados 2007. I don’t know what SDL is talking about. Had I known I had a complimentary copy of Studio 2009 I think I might have been working with it already (something which I have no intention of doing)…



1. Susanne Aldridge III - January 20, 2011

Check out your account, it is there.
We updated our version of Passolo and I saw it in our account. I believe I got an email telling me that it was added to my account a long time back, but I am not too interested. My workflow is all TTX, so Studio is not very appealing to me right now!

2. Jill (@bonnjill) - January 20, 2011

Huh, guess it helps to complain/whine :-). I received an e-mail from SDL explaining why I received the “complimentary copy” e-mail. They apparently have 2 e-mails for me in system (one being an e-mail I haven’t used since 2001). They are offering to extend the offer another 6 months since I never used it. I have to decide what to do now, because I am seriously considering switching to WordFast. Then again, free is free and I might like the new Trados version.

BTW, I’m impressed with SDL’s employee Paul Filkin. He found the post and responded straight-away. They’d best not lose him. He seems to be the only Trados employee that actually offers good customer service. At least he is the only employee I know by name (and reputation). Thanks, Paul!

Paul Filkin - January 23, 2011

I’d just like to add here that whilst I seem to be getting all the glory, it would not be possible without many people in SDL who work extremely hard and with little recognition in public. The good customer service only comes with their help so don’t be so hard on them.
But I’m glad you’re sorted..!

3. Kevin Lossner - January 20, 2011

Paul is one of SDL’s best assets as far as I’m concerned. I suspect there are others keeping a low profile somewhere. Reasonable guy, good communicator, honest. What more do you want? Too bad he doesn’t represent a better product 😉

Seriously, though, you should check it out, Jill. I think Studio is rather too resource hungry, but the installation as of last fall was the cleanest I’ve ever seen from the Trados line. And my last tests with the product didn’t have any evil crashes like I experienced in the product’s early days. I still think translators are better off with Hungarian or Spanish TEnT software on the whole, but if I want a tool for my worst enemy now, I might not be able to recommend the latest Trados to him.

4. Angela - January 21, 2011

I’m translating in Studio now for a certain client of mine. I’ve been using it for the last three or four months. There are loads of problems right at the start because it is a completely new program compared to Trados 2007 — the main issue being consistency, since they have removed the “Translate to Fuzzy” option and also made it less obvious when a segment doesn’t match the TM. (This is a real pain when PRing, and to a certain extent translating, big jobs with lots of matches.) Anyway, send me an e-mail if you do decide to use it and want some screenshots for settings that I feel help greatly with consistency. I am the unofficial Trados expert at my office and keep lots of random screenshots, so it’s no problem. I’m sure you have other contacts to ask for help, but there you go 🙂

5. Riccardo - January 21, 2011

Jill, check Studio 2009 out, since you have an evaluation copy: it may not be the best CAT around, but it is definitely a step in the right direction for SDL – I am now using it instead of Trados 2007 for all projects for which my customers do not request Word bilingual files.

6. Susanne Aldridge III - January 24, 2011

I am with you /wrt Paul Filkin. He is a true customer service person, best SDL man ever!

7. Paul Filkin - January 25, 2011

Much more pleasant than “Tempest in a teapot” 😉 But I’m only the front man and there is an excellent and hard working team at SDL who don’t really get the applaud they deserve for the many hours of effort they put in.
But thank you for these kind words… I have already saved them for my resume!

8. Karen Tkaczyk - February 7, 2011

Jill – I switched to Studio. The upgrade/install process was dreadful, but once handled, the program is light years easier and smoother. I refuse to work with Workbench and Tag Editor now. Awful in comparison.
Give it a go, and, sure, consider other tools entirely, but don’t stick with Trados 2007. There are much better tools out there.

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