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Non-payer warning: Ecole USA now operating as Ecole Global Solutions (EGS) and/or Global Solutions Group February 23, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Scam alert.

I have received word that the agency I refer to as “Dear Client,” Ecole USA, has no intention of ever paying their debts for translation services that have been rendered by numerous translators. If you are owed money (and I know many of you are based on the e-mails I have received) I suggest you file a police report for fraud against the following. If we can do it against Edith Trenou (aka Touareg) then we can do it against Ecole. My debt of $59.08 isn’t worth my taking any action (and frankly I feel I have gotten my money’s worth by writing about them in the blog). I plan on writing it off in April as a business loss. However, I know several translators are owed at least four figures.

They used to operate under the name Ecole BA SRL in Argentina. The information provided on the website is old. I have been told they moved their offices and have not told anyone the new information. They have also offices in the U.S. (Houston), under another name, EGS or Ecole Global Solutions. I have it on good authority that they are using it from now on and pretending they are somebody else.

The owners names are: DANIEL TOREA & CARLOS NACUZZI. They are responsible for all behind the scenes. The project manager CLAUDIA VOSS is the one who contacts the translators. There may be others working with them, because they allegedly hire and fire people all the time.

9/4/2012 Update: they have abandoned the @ecoleusa.com address and are now using @glsolutionsgroup.com. They are operating as Global Solutions Group



1. let - February 27, 2012

Hola, a todos, disculpen que no comente en ingles, prefiero expresarme en español y poder hacerme entender.
Al parecer se mudaron al barrio de nuñez, la direccion exacta no la se pero estoy intentandola buscar porque a mi tambien me deben, yo trabajaba para ellos en relacion de dependencia y me echaron como a un perro. Y todavia no han terminado de pagarme la liquidacion. Aca en argentina solo habian quedado daniel torea y carnos nacuzzi y claudia voss, habiendo despedido a todos o la gente renuncia porque no le pagan. a las traductoras no les pagan. Pero aca en argentina no se puede hacer nada, nadie avala nada. Nadie ayuda con nada. Quizas ustedes desde alla pueden hacer algo.

Jill (@bonnjill) - February 27, 2012

Translated thru Google Translate since I don’t understand Spanish and wasn’t sure if this was a legitimate comment:
Hello everyone, sorry I do not comment in English, Spanish and prefer to express myself understood.
Apparently they moved to the neighborhood of Nunez, the exact address but I’m not trying it is because I also find I must, I worked for them in relation of dependence and threw me like a dog. And still have not completed the liquidation to pay me. Here in Argentina had only been fights and carnos daniel claudia nacuzzi and voss, having dismissed all or people quit because they do not pay. to the translators are not paid. But here in Argentina can not do anything, nobody guarantees anything. No one helps with anything. Maybe you can do something from beyond.

Jill (@bonnjill) - February 27, 2012

Guess we don’t have anything to worry about with Google Translate in the near future… but it’s enough to get the gist of what this person is saying.

Laura Rodriguez - April 16, 2012

Les paso la dirección exacta del barrio de Nuñez, es JUANA AZURDUY 2665, 3 D y el celular del estafador Daniel es 1554591216. Lamentablemente hay que mandar cartas documentos. Habría que contactar a algun fiscal por el delito de estafas. Son responsables la esposa Silvia Eranzun, y su hijo que es mayor de edad y fue project manager.

Jill (@bonnjill) - April 16, 2012

Translation from Google Translate: I pass the exact address of the district of Nuñez is JOANNA AZURDUY 2665, 3 D and fraudster Daniel cell is 1554591216. Unfortunately you have to send letters documents. Should contact any of the crime of tax fraud. They are responsible Eranzun wife Silvia, and his son who is of age and was project manager.

Laura - April 16, 2012

Hi Jill, I am also another victim of thei fraudulent way of transacting business. Of course ecole usa does not want to accept any kind of responsibility.
I am starting legal action. In my country just one person can file a petition for bunkruptcy. Among other legal consequences, they will be unable to move accounts as well as their own property. Have you done anything to collect your fees?

Jill (@bonnjill) - April 17, 2012

They only owed me $60. It wasn’t worth pursuing. I have done a pretty good job of getting the word out on them though based on all these comments. My little blog post is one of the first hits for Ecole USA 🙂

Alice - April 16, 2012

I will try to get some advice from a lawyer to see what can be done. How did you get hold of the address? Do you know if that is an office or the home of one of Ecole´s people?

Laura - April 16, 2012

Hi Alice,
I am a lawyer and I’ve been doing a little research. I am related to an attorney general, I’ll see what can be done, and otherwise my best friend is a journalist and disclosing their names to the public at large is one of my objectives, so that they have the reputation they deserve. You can finde Silvina’s photo in facebook, and her family’s.

Laura Rodriguez - April 19, 2012

Hola Leticia,
ya envié la nueva dirección. Comunicate conmigo al 15 3 6 949497. Estoy iniciando acciones, además de muchísimas denuncias. No deben quedar impunes.

paula - November 6, 2012

Hola Laura, Mi nombre es Priscila y quise contactarme a tu número telefónico para comentarte sobre mi situación actual con esta gente pero no pude. Cómo te fue con las acciones?. Saludos y mi número es (0341) 156443766

2. Me - March 12, 2012

I am another victim of Ecole BA. My contact has always been “Claudia Voss.” I knew they have moved their office but I never knew the address. Ecole has an important debt with me. I was able to get the money of only one check. The other ones have to returned to Mrs. Voss, to the address of a friend’s house because Ecole BA had moved the office.
What a pity that many other translators and me have been victims of such an unscrupulous, misleading people, with so little ethics and morals. SHAMEFUL!
Please, be sure to confirm that your next translation job does not come from Mrs. Voss, or her people.

3. Ines - March 21, 2012

I do not know how much this will help but I have found this on the Internet:

Silvina Erazun,D.N.I. 20.439.673, 12/09/1968, psicóloga,C.U.I.T. 27-20439673-1,
Daniel Roberto Torea,D.N.I. 18.384.685, 21/01/1967, ingeniero electrónico, C.U.I.T. 20-18384685-0, ambos argentinos, con domicilio en Ruta 4, Km. 4, Country
Los Cardales, UF. 13, Partido de Campana, Provincia
de Buenos Aires;
Carlos Jorge Nacuzzi, D.N.I. 12.713.102, 21/01/1957, argentino, divorciado,comerciante, C.U.I.T. 20-12713102-4, con domicilio en José Pedro Varela 3220 piso 5, Ciudad de Buenos Aires;
Martín Alejandro Chapoval, D.N.I. 21.850.421, 24/10/1970, argentino, casado, contador,
C.U.I.T. 20-21850421-4, con domicilio en Av.
Alvear 1520 7° A,
Abogada: Soledad Caballero, Tomo 57 Folio 850 CPACF.

4. F - April 11, 2012

I am also one of the “victims” of Ecole in Buenos Aires. I have done some translation jobs for them in July 2011 and I have not been paid yet. They do not answer my e-mails, I have no phone number to contact them and the last time I had news from Claudia Voss she promissed to get in touch with me asap concerning payments of the amounts due (this was three months ago).
I cannot believe their bad faith. This is a fraud to all of us translators and to our good faith since we rely on our clients who pay us after the job has been delivered… sometimes 60 or 90 days later.
Good luck to all of you and I hope people like Ecole, its owners, Claudia Voss and all the ones who work in a fraudulent manner are penalized by the legal system and we translators more protected in the future.

5. EST - April 11, 2012

Yo he trabajado para ellos también y realmente me quedaron debiendo mucha plata, el problema ahí es Nacuzzi y Torea por lo que se de Claudia Voss a ella tambien le quedaron debiendo mucho dinero y estaba tratando de desvincularse de la firma.
Nadie tiene la nueva dirección o algun teléfono para poder contactarlos? Avisen, gracias y suerte quizas entre todos podamos hacer algo

Jill (@bonnjill) - April 11, 2012

Thank heavens for Google Translate. I almost didn’t approve this comment. Since the post and all the comments are in English please post in English in the future or I won’t allow the comment to go through. I was able to use Google Translate, so surely you can translate your comment and paste it into the comment field.

Translated comment:
I have worked for them too and I really were having to much money, that’s the problem so Torea Nacuzzi and Claudia Voss that it also left him owing much money and was trying to extricate itself from the firm.
No one has the new address or any phone to contact you? Advise, thanks and good luck maybe together we can do something

6. Alice - April 12, 2012

They also owe me quite a lot of money. Claudia Voss told me they were owing money to her too, but may be it is just a strategy to make us feel pitty towards her. She always says she is going to contact me when she has news, but of course, she never does. So I am the one who contacts her to ask for news about payments. She told me the office had moved to someplace in Nuñez Neighbourhood, but of cpurse she gave me no further details.

Laura Rodriguez - April 19, 2012

I have already send their address in Nuñez. Claudia told me they do not have phone number, but I have my doubts. Anyway i’VE already sent the owner’s mobile phone. If you’re abroad you must add (54 11) before dialing it.

Good luck!

Guillermina Usunoff - April 22, 2012

Laura, I’ve been in touch with you ever since I was PM there, and they owe me now 3 salaries, and much more. Can I join your cause? I think you’re doing many more things than my lawyers. I can’t let these animals get away with this! Please contact me: guilleusunoff@gmail.com

7. Reham Yosef - April 13, 2012

oooh,, me tooo they owe me more than 200 Euro 😦 ,, Claudia said that she will pay me within a werk,,, and no news till now 😦

8. Laura - April 22, 2012

Hi, Guilermina and Laura,
They also owe me a lot of money, but I no longer leave in Argentina. Can I ask my legal representative to contact you?

9. Guillermina Usunoff - May 9, 2012

People, Ecole seems to want to disappear from the face of the Earth. I have no idea how my case will develop, this gets ever so disappointing to me, but I will never ever give up, I just can’t stand the thought of these criminals getting away with this (don’t you too?). As soon as I have any news I promise to come back and let you know, but for the time being it would be good to at least write and write over and over again to them and fill their inboxes with anger, that should at least make some noise. Best of luck for everyone!

10. Tekin Esendal - May 12, 2012

I don’t know what to say, should I be relieved by finding out that they owe the WORLD tons of money (I am not the only fool) or should I be saddened even more because reading the comments above I understood that they will never pay anything. My case is worst scenario case because I did a big job, they owe me $ 1200.00 and to be able to meet the deadline I had to use a friend to translate a part of the job and I did pay him his share. So not only I lost the income and time but I actually paid money. This is all happening because there is no BLACK LIST for such companies.
Tekin May 12, 2012

Jill (@bonnjill) - May 12, 2012

Actually, Tekin, there are lots of black lists. I prefer Payment Practices, but here is a list of the various groups out there. It is worth the money to subscribe if it saves you from being scammed.

Laura Piccat - June 7, 2012

They also owe me money to me!!!! Anybody could do something?

11. Maryl Streep - June 11, 2012

Qué bueno que alguien publicó la dirección !!!

Laura - June 11, 2012

Hi people, I am sorry to tell you that these people are not based in Juana Azurduy anymore. I have recently sent an official claim letter but was rejected since they were hiring that office and I imagine that due to lack of payment they had to leave. One of the translators went to the Argentine Commerce Organization and let a search for their domicile. We will be getting in touch to provide all of you with such information.

12. Luciana Torres - July 25, 2012

¿Alguien conoce el último domicilio al día de hoy y si están operando con otra denominación social? ¿Alguien verificó si Ecole fue declarada en quiebra? Gracias por la colaboración.

Does anybody know if Ecole is working under another corporate name and where? And if it has gone bankrupt? Thanks in advance.

Laura - July 27, 2012

Hola, Luciana:
Me parece que estamos todos en la misma. Desaparecieron del mapa. A mi me escribio Silvina diciendome que cerraron la oficina y que por el momento no iban a pagar. No se si alguien tiene alguna otra informacion.

13. Brazilian Translator - September 3, 2012

Hi, I’m a victim form Brazil. They owe me USD 1200. Two weeks ago Claudia sent me and email with a new job but I was travelling and could’t get the job… luck for me. I didn’t know till today that she had no intention to pay for that job.
And now I dont know what to do. She doesn’t respond my emails anymore.

Laura - September 3, 2012

Claudia is still working for them?
She told me a couple of months ago that she was not working with them anymore.

Jill (@bonnjill) - September 3, 2012

Me too. In fact, she asked me to remove her name from this post since she was no longer work there. I will fix that…

One of you - September 3, 2012

Jill, please don’t remove her. Ever since I started working with her she has deliberately lied to every owed translator that they would pay, and knowing the company would never pay, she always looked for new people to carry out the projects, it’s almost a policy in the agency! She is responsible for promoting this non-paying attitude, she might as well have looked for another job. When I still worked for the company she hung up on me when I asked for their new address over the phone. She is a liar and deserves to be known to the victims of the place she’s working for.

14. One of you - September 3, 2012

Laura, ella es de la misma calaña que los dueños y contador chantas, ¡si hasta es prima de Silvina! Eso es una excusa para que no le escribas, es una horrible liar, yo en el poco tiempo que estuve me di cuenta de que tiene la misma cara dura para mentirle a los traductores que Daniel Torea. Awful people, awful.

15. Florence - October 26, 2012

Hi! I am another victim of Ecole BA. I am from Spain. I made a huge translation work for them more than two years ago. (August 2010) A huge work with of course a short deadline.They never paid me. My contact was also “Claudia Voss.” She was the one to convince me to work again for them as I didn’t want to. I had already payment issues with them in he past.They used to make late payments. I should have followed my first intuition. They owe me USD 1200. I was in touch with Erina Pazos, Claudia Voss and Silvina Erazun concerning the payment. Erina was always saying that they were about to make payments. She does not answer anymore as the rest of them.

Laura - October 30, 2012

Hi Florence,
I have been told that Erina Pazos does not work for them anymore.
But then again, that may also be a lie…
Has someone been able to contact them lately?

16. Me - October 30, 2012

Hi Everybody,
I have commented about my situation on March 12th. They owe me a big amount of money since September 2011. I could never get the money from my checks except the first payment. I have been trying to get any news from any of those “cheats” but never got any answer to my e-mails. I
If someone gets any information, please let us know.

17. Nadia - October 31, 2012

Hi. I´m a freelance translator from Argentina. I translated some texts for them a month ago. They paid for the first job, but never answered my e-mails after the second one.
The Translator Coordinator is Cindy Kransten and the accountant is Marisa Corsen. They contacted me as “Global Solutions Group” and the address is, indeed, @glsolutionsgroup.com.

Julio - November 5, 2012

I´m also a freelance translator from Argentina, and Nadia is absolutely right! They changed their name again (GSGroup), and “Cindy” is actually Claudia Voss (I recognized her voice on the phone, I had had payment issues with them in the past too). If you can edit the title of this post, please make sure to let all know that their new name is Global Solutions Group!

Laura - November 6, 2012

I appreciate this information very much! Will you please give us their phone number? I cannot believe this people are going on cheating on translators!!!

18. paula - November 6, 2012

Hello everybody! I am a freelance translator from Argentina and i fall for the same fraud you all did. They paid for first jobs but there is still a big aount of money they owe me. I think that if we all do something togheter we could achieve something so please let me know what is the best action to take and i will participate for the best of us all.

teddy - December 7, 2012

Hi everybody!
I’m a translator and I received a text to be translated for them. In the file there are information about the client. Is there a way to find a US person by knowing his Name/Surname, Date of Birth, ID Tax code?

Thank you!

Jill (@bonnjill) - December 10, 2012

I would suggest you not contact the client directly – especially if you’ve signed an NDA. It’s easier to call and tell them you a) won’t take the job or b) want payment upfront before delivering the translation. Contacting the client is kind of an ethical gray area.

19. Emilia - December 14, 2012

Hello! I’m in Argentina, and I’ve just received an e-mail from this “Cindy” . As the e-mail was really badly phrased (in Spanish), I got suspicious and did a little google search and, fortunately, I ended up here. Just wanted to add the address that is on the e-mail: Alicia M. de Justo 1120, piso 3 Of A (306) (I guess this is Buenos Aires) in case someone wants to go in person to claim their payment.

20. Julieta - January 5, 2013

Hi everyone,
Global Solutions Groups owes me money too. I did the job on October 2012 and haven’t been paid yet. Cindy Kransten was the translators coordinator and Marisa Corsen the accountant, in charge of informing about payments. They have barely answered my emails.

21. silvana - January 6, 2013

Hello I just received an email from “Cindy” 2 days ago, the address is Alicia Moreau Justo 1120, piso 3 Of A (306) , this is in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, they also gave me a phone number: +54 11 5353-4816 I have almost finished the work they sent me by now, but I decided to do a little research and found this blog entry (fortunately!). I have my little private investigator at home, and we could find you that the company is not registered at the AFIP, the address they gave me is non-existent, their phone number is NOT LISTED, they have no webpage, are not in facebook and have no linkedIn account, weird, huh? Of course I will not deliver the translation, but I’m writing this so that we can warn the rest of the translators. It took me a while to find this site, I don´t think the company is listed in any other site, so we should find a way to get the word out, since they have POSTED AN ADD LOOKING FOR TRANSLATORS AND THAT’S HOW I GOT THE JOB.

22. Mary - January 16, 2013

Hola a todos, yo tambien fui victima de estos estafadores, no como traductora, sino como empleada en sus oficinas hace mucho tiempo.
Viendo todos los mensajes dejados por ustedes, y haciendo una investigacion por mi cuenta, veo que la direccion que publican en Puerto Madero, pertenece a una empresa de trabajos eventuales, por lo que les diria que pueden estar utilizando una direccion falsa en sus correos.
Ademas llame al telefono que dejaron, para ver si reconocia alguna de las voces, pero no, asi que no puedo confirmar si Cindy es la misma proyect manager que antes. Sinceramente, no creo que Erina y Claudia hayan dejado de trabajar ahi…pero puedo estar equivocada.

Laura Rodriguez - January 16, 2013

hola, podras pasarnos el telefono? Quiero sacarme una duda.

Mary - January 16, 2013

Hola Laura

El telefono lo publico Silvana, es el 5353-4816
Si llamas atienden diciendo el nuevo nombre comercial de la empresa.
Espero te sirva

Laura Rodriguez - January 16, 2013

Dale,gracias, a mi me quedaron debiendo también, no mucho, pero no tienen derecho a estafar a la gente de la forma en la que lo hicieron y lo siguen haciendo.

Mary - January 16, 2013

No hay problema Laura, ya te digo, yo luche y conseguir que no me deban nada, pero son unos hdp.
Mantenenos al tanto de tus novedades.


One of you - January 16, 2013

Hola, Mary. Estoy en la misma situación que vos, quizá nos hayamos cruzado porque yo fui empleada en todo el tiempo que estuvo Erina en la parte de finanzas. Por desgracia, no puedo corroborar la dirección porque ahora vivo en el interior, solo sé que me deben MUCHO dinero y que mis abogados dicen que no se puede hacer nada hasta tanto presenten la quiebra, cosa que dudo que pase. Me consta que Erina no trabaja más porque renunció estando yo allí, luego siguieron varias chicas en la parte de administración, que duraban poco, obviamente, por las presiones de clientes y proveedores. No me extraña que Claudia haya seguido como PM y que se haya cambiado el nombre porque es una terrible sinvergüenza que además es pariente de la esposa de Torea. Es una mentirosa y no le importa nada.
For those who don’t speak Spanish, I’m just saying that Erina no longer works there for sure because she quit while I was still an employee, and I wouldn’t be surprised if “Cindy” was in fact Claudia because she’s as big a scoundrel as Torea and his wife (she is actually a relative of his wife Silvina). I sure hope they get what they deserve, but in the meantime the best we can do is prevent other colleagues from falling into their trap.

Mary - January 16, 2013

Hola One of you, seguramente nos cruzamos entonces, yo estuve muy poquito tiempo por suerte, pero con ese poco tiempo me causaron mucho daño.
Si, Claudia es pariente de Silvina o Silvana, asi que no dudo que siga ahi.
Lo que me llama la atencion es que al googlear la direccion, aparece una empresa de personal temporario, y no esta chantada. si llamas por telefono si te atienden, pero no creo que la direccion que figure sea legal.
Vos en que area trabajabas?
Me sorprende que Erina se haya ido, con la relacion que tenia con Carlos de amistad…pero todo puede ser.

23. MariaJose - January 17, 2013


Me llamo María José. No puedo creer esto, ya lo estaba sospechando. No responden mis emails, me pagaron solo $1000 de las traducciones que hice, me deben como $3000. Que desilusión. Gente mala y estafadora. Alguno de los teléfonos o direcciones que dieron en este foro sirve? Muchas gracias a todas y suerte.

silvana - January 17, 2013

Hola Maria Jose, I believe the forum mamanger prefers us to speak in English.
The address is real, but there is no translation agency there. It is a real address stolen by them. The phone number is listed neither in yellow pages nor in the white pages. The company is not registered with the AFIP.
I got paid only because I did a little research just before delivering my translation, and I came across with the post, which I’m thankful for. So I just went ahead and told them I knew what they were, and that if they wanted the translation, they would have to pay upfront. and so they did.
I believe the only thing we can do is try to include this company in all the black list in existance, and of course, always reseach before accepting a job from a company we don’t know, At least that’s what I learnt from this.
Good luck all in getting paid.

Mary - January 17, 2013

my english is not great but i will try.
Maria jose, yes, the numer listed its a working one, i tried calling yesterday and they answered.

hope it helps

24. Fer - February 1, 2013

Hola chicas!
Me pasó exactamente lo mismo que a ustedes…me quedaron debiendo MUCHO dinero y ahora ni siquiera responden a los mails…son unos HDP, que siguen estafando a gente porque por lo que vi siguen buscando traductores…no se que tanto se podrá hacer, pero al menos difundir su nombre….

25. Ame - February 1, 2013

Hi everyone,
I was contacted by this “agency” for the first time last year. I’ve done a few small translations for them and they’ve always paid me (I guess it’s because it wasn’t too much money). I also found their work procedures very strange, that’s how I came across this blog.
Anyway, a few days ago I got an email from them but from a different email address (sales@go-two-market.com) and signed by “Maria Villalba – Sales Executive – Go-Two-Market”. I just wanted to tell you that this is their new company name now.
I would like to ask translators from Buenos Aires if you haven’t thought about reporting this situation to the Ethics Tribunal at the CTPCBA. I know in the past they ruled against agencies paying extremely low fees, among other things. Even if they can’t actually sue them, at least they publish names and addresses so that all translators are aware of their fraudulent activities.

26. Paula - February 7, 2013

Hello everyone,
What i think we should do is, everytime we see a job offer posted from them, to advice the web page that is publishing the job offer so they do not post any other offers from them. Unfortunatelly, ther is not much we can do regarding the payments since if they do not want to pay us at all, they don’t and no one can do a thing regarding this situation. Sorry to be so negative or realistic.

silvana - February 7, 2013

if someone has access to the black lists in ProZ or any other forum, please upload the company’s many names: Ecole, Global Solutions and now Go-Two-Market. Thank you.

27. Cecilia - February 7, 2013

Hello everyone,
like all of you I’ve also been scammed by these people. I did a translation job a month ago for which I was promised to be paid asap (the amount was pretty large for me – aproximately 500 pesos, about 80 dollars). Needless to say they didn’t contact me at all and stopped answering my e-mails altogether.
They are still operating under the name “Global Solutions” here in Argentina, or at least that’s how I came across them. A so-called “Cindy” woman is the one who contacted me and gave me the job.
I have no idea of what can be done to stop them legally and have no way of contacting anybody that can answer for this company. They never even gave me a phone number (they gave me an address, though, which I never bothered to check). What do you suggest? How do you think we should all procede?

28. Sol - February 25, 2013

Hi everyone,
I’ve been contacted by Cindy as well, from Global Solutions, I’ve taken 3 different jobs and I’ve paid just one of them. They still owe me $1500 (USD 300). I’ve written thousands of e-mails, every week and the answer, if any, is always the same: “please be patient, we will pay you as soon as possible, we’re having some problems now but we plan to pay you soon”…bla bla bla… Today I received an e-mail from Maria Villalba from “go-to-market” and I believe I’ve definitely learnt from that experience, so I started cheking out on the internet and I’ve come by this blog. Thank all of you because now I know this new “go to market” is the same company. :S I’ll phone CTPCBA and check out if there is something we can do.

29. Nancy - February 27, 2013

Hi everyone,

My name is Nancy. I was contacted by Global Solutions last year, took a translation test and did it well. They offered me some jobs, but the working conditions were always kind of weird and the fees not so good. Luckily, I had this kind of sixth sense that made me not to accept any job.

Today, I also received an email from “María Villalba, Sales Executive”. The firm is called “Go-Two-Market”. I found no web page, no address, no phone number, nothing at all.

Beware of these people!!!

30. Libel - March 4, 2013


Yo también trabajé para Ecole durante el 20010/11 y me deben muchísimo dinero.

Una pregunta para las personas que trabajaron con ellos hace poco: ¿Nos pueden contar como se contactaron con ustedes? ¿Contestaron un anuncio en internet ; de ser asi en que sitio?

¡Hay que impedir que se contacten con nuevos traductores y denunciar sus anuncios!

Por ejemplo, me parece que este es de ellos:

Saludos, Libel

31. Llibel - April 10, 2013
32. Natalia - April 22, 2013

Hola, mi nombre es Natalia y también trabajé para esta gente bajo el nombre de GO TWO MARKET, mi contacto era María Villalba. Les hice un trabajo muy grande y me quedaron debiendo la mitad del mismo. Hace una semana que envio mails pidiendo pago de esto o una fecha estimativa y no recibo respuesta… Alguien sabe donde estan las oficinas físicas?

Libel - April 25, 2013

Hola Natalia! Lamentablement es complejo ir contra esta gente ya que no se sabe donde trabajan y siempre trabajan/estafan bajo el mismo modus operandi.

Nos podrías contar como te contactaste con ellos? Es importante saber donde buscan traductores para poder evitar nuestas estafas.

Saludos, Libel

33. Libel - April 25, 2013

“nuevas estafas”, perdón!

natalia - May 1, 2018

si puedo ayudar, les digo viven en el country los cardales en campana, no creo que se hayan mudado, me reservo la identidad.

Jill (@bonnjill) - May 2, 2018

Appreciate the offer but it was 6 years ago.

34. Guillermina - May 2, 2018

¡Muchas gracias! Ya alguien había publicado la dirección más arriba. Dudo que se pueda hacer algo con esa información ya que cualquier demanda se hace sobre la empresa y como era SRL, no afectaba los bienes personales de los socios. Yo fui empleada y eso me dijo el abogado cuando quise reclamar los haberes que me debían. No podían embargar las cuentas de Daniel ni de su esposa. Como la empresa no tenía nada a su nombre, no había bien que liquidar, así que los damnificados no pueden resarcirse. Lo que se merecerían es un buen golpe en la calle. En fin. Gracias de todos modos.

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