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Bonus TGIF cartoon June 15, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff, TGIF.

This reflects my current mindset. I’ve been going through a phase in which I started doubting whether I should continue as a freelancer. This Adam@Home cartoon speaks to me.



1. Cassy - June 18, 2012

Right -hollywood stars are highly paid, thus, they are very lucky! How I wish language professionals like translators and interpreters would be paid as high as them!

2. Jill (@bonnjill) - June 18, 2012

I think the point of the cartoon is more like there are a bunch of small-minded, judge-y people out there (particularly in Hollywood). It would be nice if we were paid as high as them, but there are also a lot of starving actors and actresses waiting tables and delivering pizzas who haven’t made it big. And they only get paid if they make a movie or are on a TV show. Talk about the ultimate feast or famine job…

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