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How stupid do you think I am? August 1, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Random musings.

Check out the e-mail I just received. How stupid does this guy think I am? I think I would remember someone named Dustin. It isn’t a common name. Plus, it isn’t like translators wouldn’t remember someone they met “the other day”, since most of the time we can be found behind our computers in our home offices. I don’t want to give him free advertising, so I’ve redacted the name of the “amazing new website.”


It was great meeting you the other day!

Remember I told you about this amazing new website for online translation services called [XXX.com]

Please call me on 214-200-XXX if you have any questions.

Let me know what you think of it, I think it’s a pretty cool business model, don’t you agree?

Later, Dustin

Later, Dustin. Much, much later… like never…



1. Craig - August 1, 2012

lol 🙂

2. Terena Bell, In Every Language - August 1, 2012

What do you know? Dustin and I must have met as well because he sent me the exact same email!

3. Pit - August 1, 2012

How stupid do these spammers think we are?! Well, I’ve asked myself that question quite a few times, “Why do they make it so obvious that it is spam and a scam?”
Lately I read an interesting explanantion. They make it so obvious because then only the really really stupid people answer, and that’s their target group: the people who can then be duped and milked. In this way, by making it very obvious, they kind of weed out people they wouldn’t be able to dupe.
Best regards,

4. Dustin Brumley - August 2, 2012

I promise it wasn’t me 😛

5. Steven Smith - August 10, 2012

It seems that this email has been doing the rounds. At least it is free of any spelling mistakes or awful examples of poor grammar, like most of the spam we receive on a daily basis to our various mailboxes!

Jill (@bonnjill) - August 10, 2012

LOL! Way to see the bright side of things, Steve 🙂

6. Sally Massmann - August 11, 2012

Dustin contacted me too! Wow. We are a popular bunch. In Germany, Dustin, Kevin and Patrick are popular names for young boys. At my children’s schools, they tended to come from homes with no landline, just a pre-paid cell phone, they had every piece of electronic equipment going, but no books, their sisters were called Desiree, or Chantal and there was always a shopping trolley in front of the door. I LONG to meet a Dustin in Germany who disproves the stereotype!

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