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Warning – it’s a scam! November 30, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Scam alert.

Someone just posted the following e-mail on the GLD listserv. If you received it DO NOT FALL FOR IT! I seriously doubt a translator owns all 11 of these tools. I have three tools myself, but certainly not four versions of the same tool!

I’d like to quickly sell my unneeded CATTs at reasonable prices, since I am going into the travel business, and since I do not need them anymore, I’d like to sell them to a colleague who really needs them to work with, but cannot afford the high prices:

1. SDL Trados v7.5 2006 at only 100 GBP

2. SDL Trados Suite Professional v8.3 SP3 2007 at only 150 GBP

3. SDL Trados Studio Professional v9.1 SP3 2009 at only 200 GBP
4. SDL Trados Studio Professional v10.2 SP2 2011 at only 250 GBP

5. Atril DejaVu X Professional v7.5 2009 at only 200 GBP
6. Atril DejaVu X2 Professional v8.0.505 2012 at only 250 GBP
7. Star Transit XV Professional 2005 at only 100 GBP

8. Multilizer Enterprise 2011 v7.8.5 at only 200 GBP (www.multilizer.com )

9. Sisulizer Enterprise 2012 v3.0 at only 200 GBP (www.sisulizer.com )

10. Systran Translator Professional v6 2009 at only 50 GBP (www.systran.co.uk)
11. Babylon Translator Professional v8.0 at only 50 GBP

or all 11 software ( ot at least 5 of them) at a discounted price of only 700 GBP. If interested, please, send the payment (for the CAT you want to have) to my bank account (bank details below) or via http://www.moneybookers.com to my MB e-mail as well as send me the mail address you want your software sent to. I will send any software from the list to any mail address by 1st class royal mail or by DHL courier same day I see my payment in my bank account.

My payment details are:



1. Allison Wright - December 1, 2012

I cannot believe any translator would be gullible enough to fall for this. For a start, there’s the matter of software licences, which are not mentioned here.

Jill (@bonnjill) - December 2, 2012

You’d be surprised what people fall for!

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