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Bad news for those who work for CLS Communication November 10, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Translation.

Lionbridge to Acquire CLS Communication

Lionbridge is delighted to announce a definitive agreement to acquire CLS Communication! CLS Communication is a global leader in translation services for financial, industrial, life science, telecom, legal and public sector organizations. This acquisition will further expand Lionbridge’s end market diversification of translation solutions.

CLS is a complementary addition to the Lionbridge team, as both organizations have excelled in vertical market expertise, geographic scale and technology and program management. The joining of our teams will allow us to deliver greater scale, velocity and global knowledge to our clients and enable them to engage their customers across any geography, market, language and channel.

For more information about Lionbridge’s acquisition of CLS Communication, view the informational video from our CEO Rory Cowan and read the full press release.



1. Terena Bell - November 10, 2014

How is this necessarily bad news, though? Surely some of the translators will remain with client accounts after the transition?

Terena Bell CEO, In Every Language http://www.ineverylanguage.com Twitter: @InEveryLanguage +1 (502) 593-9212 direct

Jill (@bonnjill) - November 10, 2014

We’ll see, but Lionbridge pays SIGNIFICANTLY less than CLS.

2. tradurretranslateblog - November 10, 2014

Well considering how nice it is to work with CLS, and then considering the reputation Lionbridge has in general, I do not feel very convinced that CLS will continue to be a first class client for translators, etc. Probably the rates will go down quite quickly, and conditions in general, for the freelance translator, but let’s wait and see about that…;-)

Jill (@bonnjill) - November 10, 2014

My thoughts exactly!!!

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