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Win a Freelance Translator Business Starter Kit September 18, 2017

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Marketing ideas, Translation.

Translators are invited to participate in the contest and win a Freelance Translator Business Starter Kit.

The moderators of the “Successful Freelance Translators” Facebook group have launched a special contest to commemorate “International Translation Day” on September 30th.

“I have come a long way through the hard times to create my online presence as a freelance translator. I started my translation career about 17 years ago. At that time dial-up Internet was unique. And accessing the Internet was more than an everyday task. It was an accomplishment. The screeching sound of dial-up was just music to my young computer geek’s ears”, says Hanna, one of the moderators of the group.

To help other translators avoid all the hardships on the freelancing road, they announced a contest. The task is just to write a short essay: “What benefits will customers get from using your translation services”. The 1st winner will get a “Freelance Translator Business Starter Kit” which is worth USD 1000, and includes:

• relevant keyword research and analysis within your language pairs and specialization;
• a SEO-friendly and catchy domain name;
• a Premium WordPress theme setup and Customization;
• a guidance on the website content creation.

This Starter Kit will be the solid foundation on your freelance translator career road.

There are also other prizes which will help young translators to stay afloat these days. The 2nd place will receive a guide “Do You Want To Get More Translation Jobs From Direct Clients?”. The 3rd place will get professionally and uniquely designed headers for the Facebook business page and Twitter account.

Check the details at Win A Freelance Translator Business Starter Kit (organized by H. Sles, professional freelance Russian translator).



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