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Be sure to always carry business cards with you July 28, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Business practices, Marketing ideas.

As freelancers, we never know where our next potential job is going to come from. You also never know who you will meet or where you are going to run into a potential client. Therefore it is really important to carry a few business cards with you at all times. I know this, and yet I unfortunately was reminded of this lesson the hard way. I recently ran out of business cards, but have been so busy with work that I hadn’t had time to order more. It had completely slipped my mind.

Last Friday I attended a Murder Mystery dinner in downtown Cleveland with my Meetup.com Dining Out group. The gentleman sitting next to me at dinner was a patent attorney who had lived in Germany for three years while serving in the Army. Needless to say, he sometimes needs a translator. Imagine my embarrassment of not having any business cards in my wallet to give to him. I had to write my name, phone number and e-mail address on a slip of paper. I of course got his business card and immediately followed up via e-mail, but I certainly did not make the best impression I could have.

Learn from my mistake and carry business cards with you at all times. Excuse me while I run out to Kinko’s to drop off the file for my business cards…


1. MattLilly - July 28, 2008

The best way to always have cards is to leave a few in your car, a few at home and a few in each one of your jackets. Business cards are probably the best way to market offline. You have a chance to talk to the recipient and create a bond before handing them your print advertisement for a chance to contact you later.

2. Corinne McKay - July 29, 2008

You are so right about this! I’ve given out business cards in the oddest locations. After being caught short a few times, I now keep cards in my wallet, my bike bag, everywhere. Even at the ATA translation company conference, there were some agency owners who ran out of cards, so it’s not just us freelancers!

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