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illy’s tax stimulus package April 14, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff, German culture.

Have you ever looked at the “possibly related posts” at the bottom of the blog posts here in WordPress? If not, you may be missing out. Some of the possibly related posts are pretty lame, but the latest one for my last post, T minus one and counting… Tax Day is almost here, was really interesting. Apparently illy, the maker of that delicious Italian coffee, is offering a special deal. According to the Slashfood post, illy is apparently “offering a deal on their brand new espresso machine. After June 30th, it will cost approximately $695. If you purchase this new machine before June 30th, you’ll just pay $150.” So if you were looking for a way to spend your tax refund check (oh, who am I kidding? none of my readers get tax refunds… I mean, if you want to buy a new coffeemaker…) you should check out the new espresso machine. The only hitch is that by buying the machine you “can enroll in their automatic coffee delivery program.”

My beverage center in my kitchen

My beverage center in my kitchen

Now, I don’t drink enough coffee to make an automatic coffee delivery program worth it. I don’t want to become addicted and get a headache if I have to go without coffee one day. I do appreciate a really good cup of coffee every other day or so. Most translators I know are huge coffee fans. We have lived in Europe, hung out in Viennese/Parisienne/(insert city here) cafes and appreciate a good cup of joe. If you are anything like me you buy imported coffee. I just finished up my illy and have cracked open my big pack of Jakobs Krönung, which should last me a while. I have a German Tupperware coffee container (see photo) that fits a 500 g pack of Jakobs Krönung perfectly. Another factor in translators’ love of coffee (and tea) is that we sometimes have to pull all-nighters to meet a deadline. This coffeemaker might be just the ticket…



1. Débora D'Eramo - April 14, 2009

Hi Jill,
My name’s Débora and I always follow your blog (though I haven’t yet made any comments). I’ve bookmarked as a favorite! Thanks a lot for al the tips you add every day, they’ve been really useful to me.
Now, I’m concerned about sth you mention in today’s post:
“I don’t want to become addicted and get a headache if I have to go without coffee one day.”
I have to ask you (since English is not my mother tongue): is this metaphoric or literal? I mean, do you really get a headache if you don’t have coffee one day? I have several cups a day (specially when I have to translate during the night to meet a deadline!) and I wasn’t aware of this. If you’re not being literal, it’s OK to laugh then… =)
Have a nice Tax Day!

jillsommer - April 14, 2009

Hi Débora, no, I mean it literally. Studies have shown that some people who consume average amounts of coffee (one to three cups a day) often experience caffeine withdrawal when they are unable to get their brew. My mother is one of them. She needs to drink a cup or two a day or she gets a terrible headache. If you decide to go cold turkey (meaning no coffee or caffeine at all) you will experience a week of pounding headaches until it works out of your system.


Thanks for the complements. I am pleased you are enjoying my blog.

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