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TGIF: Interjections June 26, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff, TGIF.

This is the video that started me off on sharing Schoolhouse Rock videos with you. The ALTA blog had posted it, and that sparked a need in me to watch them all again. It’s been a great time, and I hope you all enjoyed it as well – especially those of you who didn’t grow up in the United States in the 1970s.

As the video clip explains, “Interjections show excitement, or emotion. They’re generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point, or by a comma when the feeling’s not as strong.” I hope you all have a great weekend.



1. Alexander - July 8, 2009

Hi Jill,

I was always partial to “Conjunction Junction”. Might post it myself on my blog.

Tnx for the petition & Trados posts (I just bought ’07 & was offered ’09–will proceed *carefully*)


Alexander C Totz

jillsommer - July 8, 2009

I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. Thanks for the kind words. Conjunction Junction is my favorite too. It was the first Schoolhouse Rock video I posted on the blog: https://translationmusings.com/2009/04/17/tgif-conjunction-junction/

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