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TGIF: How to clean your computer July 10, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff, TGIF.

I figure if you are overworked like me you tend to ignore your computer. When I am busy I tend to let the files accumulate in my Attach folder and My Documents. Ideally I would zip the files up and archive them away once I’ve invoiced the job, but that is easier said than done. I try to keep up with it, but tonight I found myself archiving files from the middle of June all the way up to now. I then ran Ccleaner (formerly known as Crap Cleaner) to get rid of lots of temp files and speed up my computer. I try to do that once a month. Tonight I cleared out 414 MB of temp files, cached files, cookies, links, etc.

You should also try to thoroughly clean your computer once a month. Since I have a dog who sheds really fine hair, my computers tend to accumulate lots of dust in all the vents and the fan. I thought it would be fun to find a funny video on how to clean your computer. That was easier said than done, so you’ll have to settle on this one. This little video was made by a system admin to tell his father how to clean his computer. It is painful at times when he is trying to be funny, but it is in fact informative. I thought it would be helpful to all of you who are afraid to dive into the computer and give it a good dusting. I know I used to be afraid of touching the inside of a computer. Hopefully this will teach you a lot. Have a great weekend!



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