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Intrans Book Service August 5, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Tools, Translation.

I love supporting independents. Whether it is the little family-owned restaurant in the next town or the local hardware store I try to spend my money at local or small suppliers whenever I can. One of my favorite dictionary suppliers is Intrans Book Service, which is operated by Freek Lankhof. You can always count on Freek to be an exhibitor at the smaller ATA conferences as well as the annual ATA conference. I always treat myself to at least one dictionary at the ATA conference every year. Freek is also available on the web and offers personal service (in addition to being a really nice guy who has a passion for microbreweries). He sends out about one electronic newsletter a year to his customers. He has some interesting books on offer this time, so I thought I would share his e-mail with the rest of you:

Summer is moving quite along, too much rain here too much sun there, one just has to pick the right spot to vacation.  I had mine, I’m working again… This month I bring you a brand new edition of the “Black’s Legal Dictionary”.  This renowned dictionary has undergone another thorough revision and is now in its 9th printing.  It is my August Book-of-the-Month and you can check it out by going to http://www.intransbooks.com.

A pleasant surprise is the fact that Cambridge University Press has come out with a paperback edition of Claudia Angelelli’s “Medical Interpreting and Cross-cultural Communication”. Instead of the $105.00 one had to lay out for the hardcover edition, the paperback is now available for $39.99.  More information can be found at http://intransbooks.com/book_story/0521066778

I just received a copy of a new title called “A Career in Language Translation” – Insightful Information To Guide You In Your Journey as a Professional Translator by Carline Férailleur-Dumoulin.  This clearly written and well organized book contains a wealth of information that will help the novice (and not so novice) translator/interpreters break into the field or find new opportunities. This is a Print-on-Demand title and it may be a few days before I have stock but I should be able to ship by the middle of the month. More information: http://intransbooks.com/book_story/1438944225.

Also just out is the new 2009/2010 edition of the St. Jerome Publishing catalogue. This British publisher of first rate translation studies material brings us besides the very popular series Translation Practices Explained a wide variety of excellent in-depth studies. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this catalog, please drop me a line and I will mail you one.

And finally, remember that the ATA Annual Conference is less than four months away. Make your reservations now and check your list of “want-items” and let me know what to bring.

So if you are looking for a specialized dictionary, check out Intrans Book Service. He most likely carries it.



1. Craig - August 6, 2009

You might be interested to tread this about Starbucks’a attempt to hide itself as independent coffee shops:

In Seattle eröffnet der Kaffeegigant dieser Tage drei Filialen, die daher kommen wie ein normales Straßencafé. Nicht Starbucks prangt über dem Eingang, sondern “15 Avenue Coffee and Tea”. Drinnen gibt es keine Starbucks-Becher, keine Starbucks-Tassen, das grüne Logo verschwindet. Die Filialen, so kündigte es der Starbucks-Manager Tim Pfeiffer an, sollen eine community personality bekommen – also so aussehen, als habe sie ein arbeitsloser Pädagogik-Absolvent eröffnet, nicht ein Multi-Konzern…

jillsommer - August 6, 2009

Very interesting, Craig! I’ll be sure to keep my eyes out. I frequent the coffee shop about 5 doors down from me. I know the owner and like to give him my business when I can 🙂

2. Judy Jenner - August 11, 2009

I love InTrans Books and have bought tons of books from Freek — he’s wonderful. Couldn’t agree with you more on supporting independent stores and service providers. It only makes sense to buy from fellow small businesses, and I go to great lenghts to ensure visiting locally owned restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.

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