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Update on Dear Client: September 9, 2011

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Business practices.

I received the following e-mail yesterday regarding my outstanding invoice of $59.08, which is now FIVE MONTHS overdue (payment was due on 4/11/11). This is just getting comical.

Dear Translator:

Sorry for the delay.

I was out of the office last week for personal issues.

I didn’t get an answer from my manager so far, but we are working hard on trying to solve this soon.

I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have a payment date.

Sorry again.

Best regards,

Accounting Department

Well, at least they haven’t lost the invoice… Not holding my breath on this one…



1. Dondu N. Raghavan - September 9, 2011

I am reminded of Crystal Hues, an agency in Delhi. They owed me a substantial amount since March 2001. When in July of that year, I shifted to Chennai, they paid me half of the amount due and promised to send the remaining money to my Chennai address.

After much correspondence, they sent me the remaining payment in November of the same year. For the delay, they gave the excuse that after the September 11 twin tower blast in 2001, the American clients were reneging on their payment dues!!!!!!!

N. Raghavan

2. Karl Hansen - September 10, 2011

You know, I think it would be cheaper for the agency to just pay you the $59.08 instead of spending all these hours giving you the runaround. 🙂

3. Adriana Pio Borges - September 10, 2011

I regret to say I get emails (not always though!) just like the one you’ve shared with us for 10-15 USD jobs…ain’t that something?
Good luck pal!

4. C P Fitzsimons (@CPFitzsimons) - September 13, 2011

It’s always the case that the “manager” is the only person who can possibly provide any information on the overdue invoice. And it’s always the case that this person is busy/away etc. We are apparently supposed to believe that there is really nobody else in the entire company, including in the accounting department, who would possible have any authority to make a payment or knowledge of what’s going on. Ridiculous. I find it really very insulting.

The small number of companies who have tried this with me have all received a negative blueboard entry on proz.com (after payment was eventually received) and needless to say I didn’t ever work with them again. Although it always shocks me that they seem surprised by my refusal to work with them again…! As if I should expect and accept huge delays in the processing of my invoices. No thanks!

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