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Dropbox vs. Spideroak July 19, 2014

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Business practices, Tech tips.

I share this with no commentary whatsoever, but it’s worth noting. I don’t ever keep client files on Dropbox or on a cloud-based server, but I know some people do. Whether you believe Snowden is full of crap or knows what he is talking about, it is still worth some consideration.

A remarkable moment from last night’s remarkable Snowden video from the Guardian.

In a discussion (around the 7:40 mark) of zero-knowledge systems whose operators can’t spy on you even if they want to, Snowden reminds us that Dropbox is an NSA surveillance target cited in the original Prism leaks, and that the company has since added Condoleeza Rice, “probably the most anti-privacy official we can imagine,” to its Board of Directors.

He contrasts Dropbox with its competitor, Spideroak, whose system is structured so that it can’t betray you, even if Condi Rice wanted it to.



1. Chris - July 20, 2014

Interesting. Do you have a link for this quotation, or the video it mentions? I’d like to read the full piece 🙂

Jill (@bonnjill) - July 20, 2014
Chris - July 20, 2014

Great, thanks!

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