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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday March 4, 2015

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff.




1. Wenjer - March 4, 2015

It would be great, if people would click a translator’s donate button sometimes when they are pleased by the translator’s blog posts. But no way that a translator would work two other dayjobs to support his translator habit – enough labor for being a translator, you know.

Charles Bronson wasn’t paid like Charles Bronson for quite a long while, either. Translators have their Narrenfreiheit at times and that’s good enough for being a kind of artists, right?

2. EP - March 7, 2015

So true! And that working at Starbucks idea doesn’t sound that bad at all…

3. Paula Pitkethly - March 16, 2015

This is quite true! Sometimes I think I enjoy the work far too much to care, but then reality kicks in… I do live in London, after all!

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