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Some news April 1, 2015

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff.

“Amid interpersonal troubles at the top, TransPerfect’s co-founders Elting and Shawe have made the decision to sell back TransPerfect’s most recent acquisitions and divide the remaining locations into TransPerfect and TransGoodEnough. Please stay tuned for this developing story.” – Joseph Wojowski

April Fools



1. Kevin Lossner (@GermanENTrans) - April 1, 2015

🙂 In my experience, they are seldom good enough, much less perfect….

2. Isabel Leonard - April 1, 2015

In further news, rumors of new subsidiaries dubbed TransDropDeadLine,TransRateDrop, TransUFormat, and TransJobSplit have been emphatically denounced by TP’s top management, which characterized them as facetious, counterproductive, and downright anticapitalist.

Jill (@bonnjill) - April 1, 2015

Love it, Isabel!

3. josephwojowski - April 3, 2015


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