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TGIF: You too can learn another language September 19, 2008

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff, Random musings.

Just like the goldfish clip from about a month ago, this ad with the bilingual cat and the lazy dog makes me laugh. This would never happen at my house. My dog barks at anyone who even walks on the sidewalk across the street – except for the Animal Control guy who was going to put out a trap to catch the skunk that sprayed my dog last Saturday. He left because Lily didn’t bark when he pulled up, so I didn’t know he was there (my doorbell isn’t working at the moment, but I don’t get many visitors so I don’t feel the need to run right out and fix it).

Yes, I’m in a run-on sentence kind of mood today…



1. Anonymous - September 20, 2008

Just hope you didn’t do any translating while in “run-on” mood!

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