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TGIF: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Japanese commercials August 28, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in Fun stuff, TGIF.

This is a long video (10 minutes long), but it consists of 30 commercials that Arnold Schwarzenegger has done for the Japanese market. The videos just keep getting better as you go along, so be sure to watch the entire 10 minutes. Go grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy a little break. Oh, I would appreciate it if one of the Japanese readers could tell me what the commercials in which he is laughing hysterically and acting psychotic are advertising. I’m guessing some kind of energy drink or nutritional supplement because it’s probably illegal to sell acid in a bottle, but I could be wrong :-).

Have a great weekend!



1. Camila Muñoz - August 31, 2009

is so cute when tey call him “shuwa-chan”!!
hehehehe, his japanese souns so bad that I cannot understand him while a I laughing…. (after watching the second from the same bottle…) it may be the “sounds” of opening a bottle… I’m not sure =/
that bottle says: “Arinamin V”, it contains iron, calcium, taurine, B2, B6, caffeine and flavouring. is an energy drink

taken from this page: http://www.japancentre.com/?cmd=itm&cid=&id=1274

jillsommer - August 31, 2009

Thanks, Camila. I honestly had no clue what they were advertising.

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