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Hitting the ground running November 3, 2009

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in ATA, Random musings.

I made it home safely with a few cosmic and inspiring twists in my day yesterday. Suffice it to say that I truly believe I was an instrument from someone on the Other Side and helped a man in dire straits yesterday. I can’t go into more detail here, because my mother reads the blog and wouldn’t approve (Mom, this is one of those “Czech Republic” stories. Trust me, you are better off not knowing about it).

This morning I was up early and was unpacked and had my laptop contents transferred over to my work computer by 9 a.m. I am fighting a bad cold, but feel slightly better this morning after a good night’s sleep (I still can’t breathe though). It’s my annual post-conference cold. I think I was fighting it the entire conference though, because I wasn’t my usual chipper and networking self. All in all it was a very good conference. I attended lots of interesting presentations and ventured away from the hotel a little bit (but not as much as I had planned to). I have about 4 blog posts inspired by the conference, one of which I think will create lots of discussion because it is going to be a bit controversial. However, I think I should be tip top again before writing anything controversial.

I enjoyed meeting many of you at the conference this year. I will be posting about the blogger lunch tomorrow. We were 18 people in total, scattered over five tables (unless I missed some of you). I enjoyed being greeted in the hallways and after presentations with comments about my blog. It is very gratifying to know that people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

I have a full day of invoice writing, proofreading, translating and voting ahead of me, so I’d best get cracking. Today’s Adam@Home made me chuckle, so I am going to leave you with this fun little cartoon:




1. Thierry - November 3, 2009

From reading what some bloggers said about this conference, it sure looks like it was inspiring for many. I wish I could attend, but Geneva (Switzerland) is a bit far away!

jillsommer - November 3, 2009

We had attendees from Germany, Austria, Greece, etc. It was definitely a great conference.

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