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ATA conference mobile app – Part 2 (working with it) September 26, 2012

Posted by Jill (@bonnjill) in ATA.

I downloaded the new mobile app to my smartphone yesterday afternoon and have been playing with it a bit since then. I thought I’d share my experience and first impressions.

The mobile app is easy to download and navigate. There are 3 easy steps to get started:

#1: Select your device and follow the instructions to install or view the app at the following:

– iPhone/iPad: Search the App Store for “ATA 2012”
– Android/Tablet: Search the Play Store “ATA 2012”
– Blackberry: Enter http://www.tripbuilder.com/bberry/ata2012 into your browser
– Mobile Web: Enter http://www.tripbuilder.mobi/ata2012 into your browser
– Computer/Laptop: Visit http://www.tripbuilder.com/ata2012apps

STEP #2: Log in using the username and password ATA sends you. My username and password were included in the announcement e-mail. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, you will be assigned a username and password when you register.

STEP #3: Set up your “MyProfile” to take part in the Attendee Network and Matchmaking* features:

– Click “MyProfile” on the main menu
– Click “Edit Profile” to enter your information
– Click “Save Profile” so you will appear in the Attendee Network and can be matched with other attendees

After I set up MyProfile I e-mailed my resume to resume@atanet.org (to be uploaded onto the app) and browsed through the sessions to compile my preliminary schedule. It easily interfaced with my Google Calendar app, so I have two ways to check where I need to be during the conference. I was able to schedule two or three sessions for the same time slot to allow some flexibility in case one of them is cancelled or disappoints.

The next step was assembling MyContacts. Only about 15 people had downloaded the app at that point, but I was able to select a couple folks I knew. I was also able to select MyContacts from the list of speakers. Since I tend to hang out with a bunch of overachieving speakers this took the most time 🙂

I also checked out the links to Facebook and Twitter. This may also be the push I need to see what LinkedIn is all about. I have a profile there, but I don’t utilize it as much as some other colleagues I know.

I’m really excited about the mobile app. It looks super easy to use, will eliminate lots of paper notes and will hopefully do a better job of organizing lunches, dinners and drinking sessions (both coffee and alcohol) with my friends and colleagues. And I had everything set up rather quickly instead of my usual habit of going through the final program in the hotel room before the Welcome Reception. Whoever came up with this idea definitely deserves lots of praise!



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